Related Work


Socio-Ecological Transformation of the Food System ("STErn project").

In the context of my work as a Researcher at Ecologic Institute in Berlin, I am working on the STErn project in the area of plant-based nutrition. The project develops a political roadmap for the transformation towards a sustainable food system, thereby identifying short-, medium-, and long-term courses of political action.

Please find more information on the STErn project here.

Member of Greener by Default Research Board.

Greener by Default applies behavioral economics research to food policy, empowering institutions to serve inclusive, sustainable plant-forward food. While preserving freedom of choice, plant-based foods are made the default in order to support meeting carbon reduction goals, saving on food costs, and improving health and inclusivity

Please find more information on Greener by Default here and the related TEDx Talk here.


Scientific Assistance in the German Citizens' Assembly on Climate Change ("Buergerrat Klima").

In 2021, I worked as a scientific assistant for the German citizens' assembly on climate change in the field of sustainable diets.

Please find more information on the Buergerrat Klima here.